Why We Love Maalimein (And You Should, Too!)

My name is Maamun Hussein and I am on a personal journey to self discovery. I am 24 years old and I have a love for many different things and blogging just so happens to be one of them. I have been blogging for years but for some reason I always end up allowing my fears prevent me from reaching my goals. I love acting, listening to music, watching movies, meeting new people and just enjoying life.

As I mentioned I have been blogging for years and when I first started I was doing so anonymously. I didn’t promote it via social media or even tell anyone that I knew about it because I was so afraid of being judged or my words being twisted for selfish gain. One day I realized that my words may actually be able to help people deal with similar circumstances. Although I like to keep a personal journal as well as blog publicly I think I prefer to blog. My reason is that when I am going through my own personal ups and downs, it helps me to read or know that I am not alone and that I can get through it, and I want to provide that same insight to others.

I would love to connect with all my readers via my blog. I love meeting new people and I think I could meet some really good people through my writing. I would love to connect with someone who could be a mentor to me, someone to push me to keep reaching for my dreams at being a great blogger on the days when I feel discouraged. Providing that I continue to write consistently and push myself to be better I hope to accomplish an increase of followers and also more interaction with my readers.

Writing is my passion, always has been and always will. I am hoping that one day my blog will be everything that I have dreamed of. This is my attempt at taking control and getting myself a step closer to my goals and dreams.


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