Life is not a POPULARITY contest or… is it?

Just to make one thing very clear, I am not here looking to become … popular, no not me…. by the way can you please just click FOLLOW on Facebook here:
Of course I am not craving attention, no not me… (but while we are at it …follow button there click that please)

No, of course I am not looking for people to like my stuff, not me!!!
I just sometimes crawl out of my universe and turn into a clown!!! I put my make up on and try to …impress the world… no, of course not looking for attention, not me!!!
But I am willing to put a picture with my cat broken leg on Facebook and say if I get 1 million likes I will take it to the doctor and fix it…otherwise…!!! Or I’ll ask the homeless people in the street to pose with a big poster and say if they get a billion likes they’ll get their dinner!!! If I’d have kids I’d definitely put a picture with them asking for 1 trillion likes before I get them a …puppy!!! I’d certainly do that!!!
Hmm…. that would make me popular, or if not will at least get me some likes, right? And that’s all it matter doesn’t it? I’d have my 15 minutes of fame! Quantity over quality, this is life is all about nowadays, he who gathers more friends or more likes WINS!!!
I think we all become sometimes clowns out of the desire to be liked!!! Like is the new love… in today’s world!! We are likable but ALONE!!! We are more and more connected but isolated in the same time!!!

But sometimes is nice to stop trying to please people, take a chance and dare:
Dare to be great!
Dare to be yourself!
Dare to be unique!
Dare to express your opinion!
Dare to say what you have to say!
Dare to be strange!
Dare to tell the truth!
Dare to be ….unpopular!

Because life is so much better when you are …yourself!!!


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