Fashion: It’s Neither Black Or White

Fashion as we know has become arepresentation of a range of personalitiescovering boho, gothic, minimalism andmuch more. As trends begin to develop,certain styles of clothing are more appealingto particular minority groups however in astereotypical manner.

For example, florals and striped prints onwide legged capri shorts and loose lapelshirts, are more appealing to North EastAsians. However, vibrant colours withtighter fitting are more appealing to Afro-Caribbean’s.

Through this we realize that fashion is not depicted through one straight eye- lens but there are different shades of it. Consumers find the angle that is equivalent to their personalities and what they find fashionable. Regardless of this, what is seen as fashion in one location doesn’t apply to another location.

In the words of an iconic fashion figure Coco Chanel, ‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.’ With that said, it also highlights the non existence of universal fashion proving that through every personality and ethnic minority fashion can be expressed by that format in the form of style

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