17 Ridiculous Thoughts You’ll Have When You’re Waiting For Your Crush To Text You Back

It’s a pretty bold move to text your crush, regardless of what you say. When you hit that “Send” button, you can’t take it back. I’ve always been a firm believer in texting your crush if you feel like it. There is no reason you need to wait for them to text you! Just do it.

But waiting for them to respond can be dreadful:

1. So it’s out there.


What did I just do?

2. I never thought I’d hope to see those typing dots…


Who knew punctuation could cause so much anxiety?

3. I’ll just put my phone down.

4. Was that a buzz?

Omg. Ugh, no, it was just a friend.

5. I should text all of my friends and tell them not to talk to me until I have a response.


6. It’s been one whole minute.

7. It’s been two whole minutes.

8. Well, they are never texting back.

9. Should I text again?

10. No, I don’t want to seem desperate.

11. But is a double-text really desperate? Is it

12. Who came up with these rules anyway?

Like, why can’t girls text first? Who says you can’t text twice? What’s up with that?

13. It’s been five minutes

14. They hate me


15. Logically, they are probably busy doing something while I am here staring at my phone like an idiot. Or they literally hate me.
16. I should go do something. I need to get my mind off of this.

17. But what if they text me then? I’m going to sit here and stare at my phone until it happens.



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