How Do You Variate Your Speed During Sex???

Variation is good because it keeps things interesting. There are only so many things to switch up when it comes to the physical act of sex, and speed is certainly one of them. You don’t have to start out slow and then progressively go faster and faster. Feel free to go from fast to slow to medium speed and back to slow whatever fits the mood. 

So how do you variate your speed during sex? Do you read his or her signs, and if he/she seems to be out of the moment? Do you slow down to bring him or her back into it? 

The time to go fast is when you want to rile him or her up. Make sure she’s into it when you’re going fast, though, so that you don’t just seem like a horny rabbit. There is one time, however, when you should not switch tempo: if you sense he/she’s getting close to having an orgasm. DO. NOT. STOP. (Seriously.) 

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